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You ever read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby? If you said “no,” go read it because it’s a good book. If you said “no, but I’ve seen the film adaptation with John Cusack and Jack Black,” you’re off the hook because it’s a good movie.

Anyway, in High Fidelity the narrator and the two guys who work at his record store like to kill time by making Top 5 lists. The lists are often things like “Top 5 Favorite Dustin Hoffman films” or “Top 5 Favorite Side 1 Track 1s” or “Top 5 Songs About Death” and stuff like that. This gave me an idea — why not do something like that with my radio show? And so the weekly Top 5 was born, and it is now a staple of Listen Up!

This page is an index where you can find links to all the Top 5 write-ups on this blog. And here they are…

01. Top 5 Songs I’d Play At A Party

02. Top 5 Songs I’d Like To See In A Guitar Hero or Rock Band Game

03. Top 5 Songs That Get Me Excited For The Big Game

04. Top 5 Best Makeout Songs In My Collection

05. Top 5 Scariest Songs In My Collection

06. Top 5 Songs I Really Wish Would Stop Getting Stuck In My Head Whenever I Meet A Pretty Girl

07. Top 5 Favorite Song Titles (For Now)

08. Top 5 Songs That Officially Made Me A Fan Of The Bands That Wrote Them

09. Top 5 Favorite Original/Non-Traditional Christmas Songs

10. Top 5 Favorite Driving Songs

11. Top 5 Favorite Bass Guitar Songs

BONUS: Lists I Didn’t Get To Do On My Show

12. Top 5 Favorite Love Songs


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