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POTW #9: I Did Not Promise Anyone Jetpacks

Once again, it’s time to unveil my not-exactly-weekly Picks of the Week! And it’s an extra-special edition this time because today is February 29th, and how often do you get to post things on February 29th? (The answer: Every four years. Duh.) Yeah, I know, that’s the lamest reason anyone has ever given for calling anything a special edition (George Lucas, all is forgiven). This entire introductory paragraph is making me sound like that stupid Batman villain who is driven mad by his obsession with the days of the week. And no, I did not make that up. His name is Calendar Man and he is excruciatingly lame.

Look at this guy. LOOK AT HIM. Someone at DC Comics thought this was a good idea.

You’re probably wondering what’s up with the bizarre title of this post. I usually title my Picks of the Week posts after a lyric from one of the featured songs, but the best I could come up with was something involving promising people jetpacks. That will make sense shortly. But first, allow me to treat you to not one, but two brand-spanking-new songs from Radiohead.


“Cut A Hole”

The picks of the week are coming up after the jump – but not after any messages from my sponsors, because I don’t have any.



Picks Of The Week #8: The Ps Have It

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since my last post. And I have my reasons. Last week I was away from my computer because I was vacationing with my family at our house in Ocean City, Maryland. I spent the week working on my tan, chilling in a nice warm swimming pool, and actually going into the ocean for once. There are lots of broken seashell bits in the sand as you enter the water and it just really annoys me and kind of hurts my feet a little (I have nice and delicate feet, dammit).

The week before that I went to volunteer at the Philadelphia Union match against Everton and ended up hospitalized with heat exhaustion, which is a pretty crappy experience that I don’t recommend for anyone. I had to stay inside for a few days during the recovery process, but I wasn’t really in the mood for blogging. It made me miss out on the Union’s match against Real Madrid, which sucks because I really wanted to go to that one. But enough about my, um, awesome life. This is a Picks of the Week post, and this week’s picks are all brought to you by the letter P.

And it’s not even like I specifically chose this letter for a POTW post. When I was putting together this little list, I noticed that the songs on it were all by bands whose names began with the letter P. So I figured I might as well make that the theme. But first, check out a couple new tunes from Radiohead and Mastodon.


The Picks of the Week are coming your way after the jump, as always.


POTW #7: Telling Fortunes In American Slang

You know, this year I’ve been trying to follow a weekly posting schedule just so I can keep this blog updated and also give me something to do. Lately I’ve been slipping in that particular regard. That’s the thing about those Blast From The Past posts — they take a really long time to write. Also, I’ve had one sister graduate from college (yay Kerry!) and we had to move both of them back home. And then there’s that whole “job hunting” thing… yes, still. Oh, and I’ve been volunteering with the local MLS team, the Philadelphia Union, for their home games.

But enough about me. Here are my picks for this week… after this new Arcade Fire song.

And also this new Arcade Fire song.

And also after the jump, just like always.


POTW #6: I Heard These Songs, They’re Alright

All right, I’m going to finally give myself a break from writing about Radiohead all the time! And in the process I’m going to resurrect a feature that, thanks to my lengthy hiatus from the ol’ blogosphere, has been buried since October of 2009. It’s time once again for my Picks of the Week!

Of course, maybe in this case I should change the name to Picks of the Year or something. Or maybe just Picks of the Month. I mean, even back in ’09 I was only doing Picks of the Week posts every couple months or so. So maybe it should be Picks of the Last Couple of Months? …Nah, Picks of the Week rolls off the virtual tongue a lot better. Plus, it only requires me to think of songs I’ve been listening to a lot in the last seven days, which is a lot easier. This edition of Picks of the Week features some brand-new music and a couple older songs from perhaps a wider range of genres than in any other POTW post. And it’s coming up after the jump…

…and also this new single from TV On The Radio, which just came out two days ago. Enjoy!


POTW #5: Wolfgang Amadeus Frattura

Yeah, that’s right. This is now a classical music blog! And we’re going to start this new era of blogging by celebrating the life, music, and all-around awesomeness of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest child prodigies ever known to man. The guy had such a good ear for music that by the time he was, like, five years old he could listen to someone play a piece on the harpsichord and then sit down and play it himself note for note. That’s pretty remarkable talent, man.

Plus, you know a classical composer is awesome when he’s got movies, ’80s one-hit wonders, and Simpsons parodies of said ’80s one-hit wonders inspired by his greatness.

I LOVE YOU, DOCTOR ZAIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I’m not actually going to start writing about classical music on this blog. It’s still the same rock/indie/metal/etc. blog as always. I’m just in a goofy mood at the moment. Not that you’d know this from looking at me, because I am sitting alone in my apartment on a Saturday night typing all this while the rest of the world is having fun without me. I’m 23 years old and I’ve already apparently forgotten what it’s like to be young… or maybe I just don’t feel like cramming into bars that are already so stuffed with people that I can’t get from point A to point B without taking a detour through points C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z, not necessarily in that order and also allowing for possible repeats.

And yes, I only named all the letters between C and Z for additional effect. Just be glad I didn’t start getting into the Greek alphabet, or all those letters Dr. Seuss made up in On Beyond Zebra.

Not pictured: Spazz, Floob, Zatz, Jogg, Flunn, Itch, Yekk, Vroo, Hi!, and that one that combines all 26 "normal" letters.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten my little mini-rant about the College Park bar scene off my chest, it’s time for my not-so-weekly Picks Of The Week! You can find them all after the jump.


POTW #4: Save Up All These Songs

Hey everyone! It’s time once again for a new installment in my not-quite-weekly Picks Of The Week feature, as well as a teaser paragraph or two about what I’ve been up to lately or some sort of mini-rant which has little to nothing to do with any of the songs featured in this post. I just like to pretend that people care.

Here it is, the last week of summer, a season that appears to last a long time in the beginning and proves to be way way way too short. By this time next week, I will be back in College Park, Maryland, preparing to begin my final semester of college. You know that saying “time flies when you’re having fun”? Yeah, whoever made that up is full of crap. Time flies whether or not you’re having fun. That’s why it’s always been my belief that you should spend as much time having fun as you possibly can, which in turn explains why I put things off a lot. Now if I could just stop being so damn socially awkward, I would be able to more competently follow my own philosophy.

Anyway, I look forward to one more semester of bringing my favorite music to your ears. But for now, here’s a short list of songs I’ve really been digging lately… after the jump, of course.


Site Modifications!

Hey everyone. One last post for today, and then I’ll be done for now. I promise.

With the additions of the new features on my site, I’ve decided to make some changes in the navigation of the site. You’ll notice that there are certain tabs at the top of the home page that aren’t there anymore. You’ll also notice that there is a new tab called EXTRAS. I decided to tinker with the hierarchy of the site’s pages so the navigation bar doesn’t look so cluttered. This post is a guide to help you with the changes. There will also be a navigation guide added to the About page.

The Extras page is an index of all the stuff that isn’t directly related to my show — rants, Colin’s Collection (posts about albums I’ve bought), ENJOY THE GENIUS, Picks Of The Week, and my newest feature When Bad Songs Happen To Good Bands can all be found there. To find ENJOY THE GENIUS, Colin’s Collection, and WBSHTGB, click Extras and then click Featured Series. Picks Of The Week now has its own page and there is a link to it on Extras.

There’s another new tab on the navigation bar called Minis, which is short for Mini-Playlists, which is an idea I have that (if all goes according to plan) will make this show a more interactive experience for YOU, the listener. Click the Minis tab and read all about it!

Top 5 will stay on the navigation bar because it is directly related to the show. Playlists will stay on the bar as well.

The Downloads page has been moved under the Show tab, and there is now a link to it on the Show page.

That should just about cover all the modifications, and hopefully it won’t be confusing. If you have any questions or comments about these changes, post them in the comment section for this post or the About page.

POTW #3: Love These Songs Cancerously

Hello again. It’s been a while since the last time I — oh wait, I just updated this blog a few hours ago. Never mind.

Well, here I am again, ready to write another lengthy post for your reading pleasure. It’s either that or go downstairs and watch the Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon on TLC with my sister and her friends. Can someone please explain all the buzz over this show? I’ve seen a few episodes, and it’s probably the second-most boring reality show I’ve ever seen. We get it, Jon and Kate — you have eight adorable kids, and you like to take them to the zoo and do other normal family stuff. Hooray for you. As much as I can’t stand that “Octomom” woman with the 14 kids and hate the fact that she’s famous and getting her own show, at least her complete insanity will give you something to watch.

For the record, the most boring reality show I’ve ever seen is Laguna Beach/The Hills. I’m sort of lumping these shows together because they’re basically two different boring shows about the same boring people. They sit there and talk while the cameras go back and forth between the same two camera angles and Natasha Bedingfield plays in the background. And what’s worse is that it’s blatantly scripted, so really it’s more like you’re watching a bad soap opera starring godawful amateur actors.

But anyway, I’m not here to rant about terrible reality shows (read: reality shows in general). I’m actually here to tell you all about the songs I haven’t been able to stop listening to lately. My picks of the week are coming up… after the jump!


POTW #2: The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

“Be strong, godson — the Gloved One is not a sucker!”

— James Brown, MC Hammer’s “2 Legit 2 Quit” music video

So, as everyone in the universe obviously knows by now, Michael Jackson died on Thursday after suffering a heart attack. Michael was the King of Pop, a man who spent his entire life in the public eye and created some classic pop music for most of it. Everyone likes something Michael Jackson created during his long and incredibly successful career in music. This is because when he was at the top of his game, he found ways to connect with all kinds of music fans. He invented the Moonwalk, won a ton of awards, scored tons of hit singles, revolutionized the music video, was among the masterminds behind USA For Africa (he co-wrote “We Are The World”), made the best-selling album in the history of music (Thriller), and struck a chord with millions of people worldwide. And he did it in spite of violent abuse from his father as a child and deep-rooted mental traumas that haunted him throughout his life.

Over the last 20 years he became a highly controversial and polarizing figure, due in no small part to allegations of child molestation and questions surrounding his abilities as a parent. He also had numerous plastic surgeries done to his face, completely disfiguring his nose. As a result, he became known less as the King of Pop and more as Wacko Jacko.

The Fall Of Troy, “Whacko Jacko Steals The Elephant Man’s Bones”

But we’re not here to talk about any of that stuff. See, in one of my English classes this past semester, I learned the concept of “the death of the author.” Basically what that means is that criticism is at its most effective when you separate the creator from his or her work. People tend to put more focus on what they think a work meant to its creator rather than their own interpretation of the work. It’s about reviewing the work itself and ignoring external factors.

So today, for my picks of the week, we’re going to take a look at some King of Pop classics for the great pop songs they are and just ignore all this Wacko Jacko business for a little bit. Not to sound hypocritical or anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Michael would have wanted.


Colin’s Picks of the Week #1

Hey everyone! It’s been kind of a busy week for my family, but I’m back. Congratulations to my sister Lauren on graduating from high school, and happy 20th birthday to my other sister Kerry.

In my last post I had some ideas for things I can post here that don’t involve top 5 lists or making fun of stupid crap since I’ve almost got all of my playlists posted here. This is one of those ideas — just a few songs I’ve had stuck in my head lately that I’d like to tell you all about. And just to force you all to increase the hit count for this post, I’m going to list them all after the jump.

Id like to think people come here for something than pictures of tits. Throw me a frickin bone here!

I didn't spend six months writing this blog just to have people come here searching for titties. Throw me a frickin' bone here!

What can I say? I’m evil like that. MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!!!!