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The 2012 “Listen Up!” Awards: The Triumphant Return of the Harleys

Time really flies, doesn’t it? It feels like only yesterday that I was writing my year-end Harley Awards post, when in fact it was around 367 days ago. As I write this we have exactly a month left before the end of the Mayan calendar, which everyone has apparently equated with the end of the world. Why doesn’t the human race ever learn that we are incapable of predicting the apocalypse? Every time people have thought doomsday was upon us, absolutely nothing happened and we all carried on with business as usual. So you might not want to quit your job and spend all the money in your savings account on a bomb shelter under the assumption that your life is about to become a Roland Emmerich movie.

Anyway, as 2012 is approaching its conclusion, it’s time once again for me to celebrate achievements in totally arbitrary categories that I made up myself. In other words, it’s just another typical awards show. It’s time to bring on the 2012 Harleys!

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I Miss My MTV

I’d like to congratulate MTV for finally admitting – both to the public and to themselves – what the rest of us have known for years: That they just don’t give a damn about music anymore.


This week they unveiled a redesigned logo that removes the “Music Television” text from underneath the large capital M, which has been part of the logo since the channel launched in 1981. What they’ve done now is make the M transparent and filled it with images from the popular reality shows that have been the catalyst of their decline. It’s like you’re looking at a ghost of the network that MTV used to be, and you can see right through it and realize you’re staring at Snooki’s fake-tanned, fake-titted mug.


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