Sometimes I feel like going off on a rant about stuff that just bugs the crap out of me. Other times I like to write more thoughtfully about serious subject matter. You can find an index of all that right here on this page. Or you could click the category tag “Off On A Rant.” Either way, you’ll find this stuff.

An Open Letter Re: iTunes Spam — Flooding iTunes review sections with comments promoting your band probably won’t win you any new fans.

Singing For Your Supper — The RIAA will sue you for everything you’re worth, and then some. So they’d be ripping you off slightly more than they rip off the artists on their labels.

Now That’s What I Call A Cash-In! — One of these days, the Now compilation series is bound to pop up on the AV Club’s annual Least Essential Albums list.

Eight Years Later… — Reflections on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, with a little help from Jon Stewart.

Damn It, Kanye! — In which I attempt to board the “Imma Let You Finish” meme train before it inevitably derails.

World Series 2009 Preview! — A mysterious guest writer and total New York homer named YankeeFan729 gives a completely unbiased and well-reasoned position-by-position comparison between the Phillies and Yankees.

The 2009 “Listen Up!” Awards — With the help of my adorable dog Harley, I take a look at the musical achievements that really mattered in 2009.

I Miss My MTV — I remember a time when MTV used to be more about the M than the TV. Now I’m starting to think the Dead Kennedys may have had a point.

2011 Grammy Awards Preview — Yeah, I know the Grammys aren’t that big a deal anymore. Like that’ll stop me from having a little fun at their expense.

America’s Favorite Cover Band Strikes Again — Could someone please explain how the cast of Glee has managed to break Billboard records set by Elvis Presley and the Beatles? Because I still just don’t get it.

Hail To The King Of Limbs — Radiohead’s new album is finally on its way! And with it comes some interesting questions about consumer culture and brand loyalty… or at least it does if you overanalyze things like I do.

The Search for the Song of the Summer — I take a look at nine of the summer’s biggest hits and try to predict the song of the summer for 2011. Why nine? I wanted to do ten, but I miscounted.

Watch That First Step, Mac — It’s A Lulu — Metallica and Lou Reed have teamed up to make a concept album about a German prostitute. Bad news first: It’s a disaster. Now the good news: I listened to it so you won’t have to.

The 15 Most Disturbing Illustrations From Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark — Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m afraid I don’t have any candy to give you. But that’s okay — I’ve got plenty of nightmare fuel!

#100: The Album That Started It All — To celebrate this blog reaching 100 posts (and on its third anniversary too!), I offer a short but sweet tribute to U2’s The Joshua Tree, the album that first made me love music.

The Curious Case Of Chris Brown — I’m sorry, but I just can’t bring myself to forgive someone who committed a violent crime and acts like he’s entitled to forgiveness rather than taking steps to earn it.


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