Free Single Reviews

Every week, as I’m sure anyone with a computer probably knows, iTunes offers its users a new single from up-and-coming artists completely free of charge. This is a nifty idea that could be used to introduce some truly groundbreaking and exciting artists to a wider audience at no cost to that audience so they don’t have to complain about wasting their hard-earned $1.29 on a song they didn’t like.

Unfortunately they tend to use this promotion on pop-country singers, MTV-friendly rappers, quirky indie-pop (the kind you typically hear in Apple commercials, fittingly enough) and radio-friendly rock bands that don’t sound any different from anything already on MTV or the radio. Sometimes they might offer something genuinely cool, but these are the exceptions… not the rule.

My idea for this feature is to listen to these songs and simply offer my opinion.


1. Art Of Dying, “Die Trying” (3/22/11)

2. Mac Miller, “On And On” (3/29/11)

3. Porcelain Black, “This Is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like” (4/5/11)


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