Featured Series

If you listen to my show, hey, that’s awesome! Keep doing it! You’ll get the same cool music and Top 5 lists as always. But this blog, though its primary purpose is to help promote my show, is much more than just music and Top 5 lists. Here you will find some cool content that is Internet-exclusive! You won’t hear any of it on Listen Up!, but you’ll find it on this site.

ENJOY THE GENIUS — Join me in ridiculing some of the most… well, ridiculous music videos the Internet has to offer.

When Bad Songs Happen To Good Bands — Because even the world’s greatest musical minds are still prone to churning out subpar material.

Colin’s Collection — Whenever I feel like blogging but I don’t really know what I want to write about, I’ll write a post about recent additions to my music collection.

Blast From The Past — Everyone has skeletons in their closet. These albums are mine.

Free Single Reviews — I give a listen to the iTunes Single of the Week and offer a critique. Hey, that rhymes!


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