A Quick Update Because I Was Away

Hey everyone. Just got back from a weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. In between looking to see whether or not My Morning Jacket has announced any tour dates in the Philly area (answer: no) (EDIT: The answer is now YES — they’re playing the Mann Center on August 23) and any updates on whether or not a new Radiohead tour has been announced at all (answer: also no), I noticed that I haven’t updated this blog in a while. So much for that whole “new post every week” schedule I’d been trying to stick to. So here’s a nice quick Colin’s Collection update to get me back in the swing of things. As always, the list can be found after the jump. Or if you prefer, you could always just listen to this song that inspired the title of today’s post (and also much of Green Day’s post-Warning career).

All right, and now for the actual list of albums I’ve recently added to my collection. And yeah, I know… it took me TEN YEARS to finally get around to picking up that Strokes album. What can I say? It took me a while (not ten years, though) to get over the fact that Julian Casablancas kind of sounded like he was singing through a megaphone.

Elbow: Build A Rocket Boys!

Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues

The Strokes: Is This It

Arctic Monkeys: Suck It And See

My Morning Jacket: Circuital

Well, that about does it for this short-but-sweet Colin’s Collection update. So far 2011 has been a pretty sweet year for new music. I’ve probably bought more brand-new albums this year than ever before. I usually get a handful of albums released in a given year and a bunch of older ones; in other words, most of the albums I’ve bought in 2011 actually came out in 2011. And there will probably be many more to follow after that. Awesome.


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