An Old-School Colin’s Collection Post

Lately I’ve noticed that my Colin’s Collection posts have become increasingly tough to write because I’ve been trying to add little blurbs to the list about the band or the album or whatever. The thing is, sometimes that leaves me having trouble finding something to say about albums I haven’t listened to enough yet. So for now I think I’ll go back to the old style of just listing the albums, only with some videos from the albums in question.

The list comes up after the jump, but for now here are some recent or upcoming albums I’d like to get my hands on…

Foo Fighters, “Rope” (from Wasting Light)


Elbow, “Neat Little Rows” (from Build A Rocket Boys!)


TV On The Radio, “Will Do” (from Nine Types Of Light)

And now for the list of the latest additions to Colin’s Collection! In the immortal words of Damon Albarn, “Woo-hoo!”

Intronaut, “Sunderance” (from Valley Of Smoke)


Protest The Hero, “Blindfolds Aside” (from Kezia)


Kele, “On The Lam” (from The Boxer)

(Hey, while we’re on the subject of Mr. Okereke… yesterday I read on Absolute Punk that Bloc Party is ending their hiatus and is getting to work on some new material! Awesome.)


British Sea Power, “Living Is So Easy” (from Valhalla Dancehall)


The Strokes, “Reptilia” (from Room On Fire)


Elbow, “Grounds For Divorce” (from The Seldom Seen Kid)


Radiohead, “Lotus Flower” (from The King Of Limbs)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve already written enough about The King Of Limbs for one lifetime. Possibly even two lifetimes. But it’s still a recent addition to my collection and thus eligible for inclusion in this post.

So that about wraps up this Colin’s Collection update. That was nice and easy. The perfect kind of post for when you feel like adding something to your site but don’t feel like spending two or three hours writing that something (and yes, my posts often take multiple hours to finish).


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