I Just Can’t Get My Fill Of Music

Not that this means I can’t be satisfied with the music I have, of course.

So, since it’s been another lengthy hiatus from the ol’ blogosphere for yours truly, I figured I’d ease myself back into the fold with another Colin’s Collection post. Besides, there’s a big snowstorm coating my neighborhood with icy white powder and blocking off the doors with little walls of ice. And since shoveling efforts will prove to be quite futile until the storm stops, I’ve got nothing to do at the moment.

The view from my window as I write this. Where's Mr. Plow when you need him?

(Ah, the joys of shoveling snow. Remember when you were a kid and the snow used to be a lot of fun because you’d get the day off from school and you could go sledding with your friends? Yeah, when you grow up and you have to start shoveling it and driving in it, the snow gets a lot less fun. Growing up sucks, kids.)

But anyway, rather than making this all about the big snowstorm that’s been pounding the Northeast US all day, let’s get back to the point of this post: recent additions to my music collection! You can find them after the jump.

Cave In: Jupiter, Perfect Pitch Black

  • Yes! I finally got my hands on these two albums! And I needed some help from Amazon to do it. Got PPB about a month and a half before Christmas, then got Jupiter for Christmas.
  • Before making Jupiter, these guys were a very different band. Their earlier work had more of a metalcore sound — in fact, their album Until Your Heart Stops was produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. Jupiter had more of a psychedelic space-rock influence and encouraged major labels to check them out.
  • Perfect Pitch Black brought back some of their earlier sound. Their newest release, the Planets Of Old EP, is probably most comparable to this album. Last year a couple guys from Cave In made cameo appearances on Axe To Fall, the new album from… Converge. So does this mean they’ve come full circle?

“Innuendo And Out The Other” (from Jupiter)

“The World Is In Your Way” (from Perfect Pitch Black)

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

  • Here’s another album I’d had my eye on for a while and wound up getting from Amazon as an early Christmas gift from me to me.
  • Phoenix will be playing at the Coachella and Bonnaroo festivals this year. This way folks on both sides of the country will have a chance to experience the goodness. (The lineup I’m most curious to hear about? All Points West, mainly because it’s in northern New Jersey and I’m in southeastern Pennsylvania, so it’s the closest to home.)
  • Phoenix did this hilarious interview with Snooki from Jersey Shore where her big question was whether or not they had any guidos (it’s okay, I’m half-Italian and thus it’s 50% acceptable for me to say the word “guido”) in their homeland of France. The poor guys had no idea what she was talking about, so she defined it as people like her. They explained that people like Snooki are called cagoles in France. Cagole is French for “slut.” Phoenix 1, Snooki 0.


Baroness: Blue Record

  • The color-coding Atlanta metal band, whose debut was called Red Album, returns with one of 2009’s most critically acclaimed metal albums. And also one of the year’s weirdest music videos (you’ll see soon enough).
  • They draw a lot of comparisons to their soon-to-be tourmates Mastodon, though their sound is much sludgier. But to stick with the Mastodon comparisons for a moment, Baroness is more Remission than Blood Mountain. I’d group them in more with bands like High On Fire. (Speaking of High On Fire, their new album Snakes For The Divine comes out in about two weeks!)

“A Horse Called Golgotha”

Protest The Hero: Fortress

  • Just started getting into these guys. I think of Protest The Hero as a sort of prog-power-math metal band. Fast-paced guitar pyrotechnics and high-pitched vocals abound, with some Cookie Monster growls mixed in for good measure (Rody Walker is a pretty versatile vocalist). But whatever you want to call it, I’m pretty sure we can agree on calling it awesome.
  • Apparently their sound has gotten much more technical over the years and they used to have more of a hardcore punk influence before switching to metal.

“Sequoia Throne”

The Fall Of Troy: In The Unlikely Event

  • The first band I found out about on my own, thus helping me realize the Internet’s potential for letting you find new and awesome music, returns with more insane guitar work from Thomas Erak and a new bassist.
  • Rody Walker from Protest The Hero guest stars on “Dirty Pillow Talk” and proceeds to vocally outshine Erak, whose voice I’ve long thought to be the weak link in the band’s sound. It takes some getting used to, though he’s usually able to match the intensity of what he’s playing. That said, his voice is higher in the mix on In The Unlikely Event than it’s ever been before. Probably their weakest album so far, but still features some pretty memorable songs.
  • So what’s the best Fall Of Troy album? Well, I don’t have their self-titled debut (some of the songs from that album were remade for Doppelganger), so for now I’d have to say it’s Doppelganger. I think the ultimate Fall Of Troy album would probably consist of the first six tracks on Doppelganger and the second half of Manipulator sans “Caught Up” (a decent song, but not up to their usual standards of crazy-awesomeness).

“A Classic Case Of Transference”

Arctic Monkeys: Humbug

  • All you Charles Dickens fans out there will be amused to know that I got this album for Christmas.
  • I am still in disbelief as to how I went so long without getting into this band. Despite being hyped through the roof when they first came out, they’ve never buckled under the pressure — they just keep producing quality albums. What makes this especially unfortunate is that they played All Points West last year. Had I gotten into them sooner, I might have made the trip to catch them.
  • Most of Humbug was produced by Josh Homme, so you can definitely hear a sort of Queens Of The Stone Age influence in the new album’s sound. If this sounds like a complaint, rest assured that it isn’t — I like both bands a lot.

“Crying Lightning”

Spoon: Transference

  • The ever-reliable indie rock veterans are now on their 7th album. It’s their 5th consecutive Metacritic score of 80+, which is a pretty impressive feat.
  • This album also continues their recent trend of great track 3s — Gimme Fiction had “I Turn My Camera On,” Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga had “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb,” and Transference brings us “The Mystery Zone.” It’s like Spoon has become music’s answer to baseball managers sticking their best hitter in the third spot in the batting order. (Case in point: The Phillies’ #3 hitter is Chase Utley.)
  • An interesting thing about this album is that some songs have the high-quality production values of past Spoon albums, while others sound closer to demo versions. It’s a bit disorienting at first, but it doesn’t hurt the songs themselves.

“Written In Reverse”

Well, that should about cover it for this Colin’s Collection update. I’ve been writing this post for the last two hours and the snow is STILL coming down hard. We’ve had snowplows come through the neighborhood a couple times already, but it’s hard to tell that they were ever here. I guess that means the kids are pretty much guaranteed to have the day off tomorrow. Which would be great news if I were still in school, but I’m not, so I don’t really care.


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