Damn It, Kanye!


By now everyone knows about Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, right? Right. Seriously, man… just when you think Kanye can’t be any more of a douchebag, he finds a way to out-douche himself. Taylor Swift went from looking like she’d just seen the world’s cutest puppy dog (after hearing them announce her name) to looking like she was about to burst into tears right there on the stage (after Kanye did his thing).

And for the record, THIS is the worlds cutest puppy dog. His name is Harley and hes all mine.

And for the record, THIS is the world's cutest puppy dog. His name is Harley and he's all mine.

But fear not, Miss Swift, for the entire Internet has seen fit to avenge you by tearing the asshole a new asshole. The result is I’mma Let You Finish, which has yielded some pretty hilarious results (and some not-so-hilarious results involving 9/11 and the recently departed Patrick Swayze). I’ve been having some fun with this one over the past few days. The fruits of my madness after the jump!


In Kanye’s defense, the head explosion from Scanners is pretty awesome.



And yet it’s par for the course for Lady Gaga, who will quite literally wear ANYTHING under the sun.

MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, Virginia, “squid brains” really is a Kanye-ism. He coined the phrase in an angry blog post blaming Bonnaroo for the EPIC FAIL that was his two-hour-late performance at the festival in 2008. Just because you think we should be honored by your lateness, that you would even show up to this fake shit, doesn’t mean we will be.

MORE!!!!!!!! MORE, I SAY, MORE!!!!!!!!!!




Obviously Kanye forgot about U2’s crazy-ass PopMart Tour (which I was originally going to use, but I couldn’t find a picture I liked enough).


Fun fact: Kanye actually threw a very similar hissy fit a few years ago when Justice won an MTV award in Europe instead of him. Just because he hasn’t seen your video doesn’t mean he won’t assume his is still better.

The douchebaggery begins at about 1:05.

And finally, I bring you the one that started it all… one that you can actually find on that Tumblr page I linked to, by the way, because I submitted it myself…


You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to find the right font for this one. But at least I didn’t have to re-trace Kanye to copy and paste him into the picture. Stupid Microsoft Paint.

So that about covers it. Until next time, please remember to stop inviting Kanye West to award shows.

Or better yet, invite him to EVERY award show. You never know when he’ll end up creating the next great Internet meme.


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