April 3, 2009: Show #17

Hey everyone! I’ve got good news and bad news for you all.

Bad news first: As it turns out, the motherboard in my computer got all fucked up by a virus or something, so I had to get a new one. To everyone who has ever created a computer virus in your life, FUCK YOU. I HOPE SOMEONE FINDS A WAY TO PUT A COMPUTER VIRUS IN YOUR BRAIN SO YOUR DEATH SHALL BE ONE OF GREAT POETIC JUSTICE. Of course, then somebody will find a way to build on this idea and make these computer viruses contagious from person to person. Who says technological advances are always good things?

While I’m on the subject of evil technology, I wonder how many people thought the wheel was a bad idea. There’s your food for thought for today.

Also, more bad news: This show is by far the shortest playlist in the history of Listen Up! And that includes the hour-long “audition shows” I did in the fall 2008 semester. It got cut off by Maryland baseball before the one-hour mark, also making this the first edition of Listen Up! that didn’t end with a weekly Top 5 list. But isn’t that how it always goes? The jocks beating up the band geeks or something like that? First they took your lunch money, then they took your girlfriends, now they’re taking your airtime on the radio.



Bowling For Soup was fuckin’ right, man — high school never ends.

Now for the good news. I’ve got a new computer now, which means things should be proceeding normally again — no more relying on YouTube and Last.fm for my playlists! Plus, I’ll also be able to update this blog on a more regular basis. Unfortunately, I don’t have my shows saved on this computer, so I won’t be able to upload any new download files for a while.

Anyway, on to the playlist!

1. Thrice, “Firebreather” (The Alchemy Index — Vol. 1: Fire)

2. Kings Of Leon, “Fans” (Because Of The Times)

3. Nine Black Alps, “Shot Down” (Everything Is)

4. We Are Scientists, “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” (With Love And Squalor)

5. Bloc Party, “So Here We Are” (Silent Alarm)

6. Queens Of The Stone Age, “Someone’s In The Wolf” (Lullabies To Paralyze)

7. The Fall Of Troy, “Semi-Fiction” (Manipulator)

8. Radiohead, “Palo Alto” (Airbag/How Am I Driving? EP)

Told you that was a short playlist. And as always, join my Facebook group, keep tuning in every Friday from 6-8 p.m. on WMUC2, and keep watching this space.


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