Oct. 17, 2008: Show #3

Here’s the playlist for my third show, which aired on WMUC2 on Oct. 17, 2008.

1. Kings Of Leon, “My Party” (Because Of The Times)

2. U2, “Numb” (Zooropa)

3. Weezer, “Tired Of Sex” (Pinkerton)

4. Minus The Bear, “Double Vision Quest” (Planet Of Ice)

5. The National, “Mistaken For Strangers” (Boxer)

6. Radiohead, “I Might Be Wrong” (Amnesiac)

7. Queens Of The Stone Age, “First It Giveth” (Songs For The Deaf)

8. Muse, “Assassin” (Black Holes & Revelations)

9. Rise Against, “State Of The Union” (Siren Song Of The Counter Culture)

10. High On Fire, “Rumors Of War” (Death Is This Communion)

11. Mastodon, “Blood & Thunder” (Leviathan)

12. Rage Against The Machine, “Know Your Enemy” (Rage Against The Machine)

13. The Sword, “Freya” (Age Of Winters)

Don’t forget to tune in to WMUC2 every Friday from 6-8 p.m. starting on January 30 for my show! And watch this space, because I’ll get around to that upgrade soon.


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