Oct. 10, 2008: Show #2

Here’s the playlist from my second-ever show on WMUC2, and hopefully I’ll be able to make the whole “downloading the show” thing work since I’ve never tried this before. I’ll have to get the space upgrade first, though.

1. Foo Fighters, “Wattershed” (Foo Fighters)

2. Minus The Bear, “Michio’s Death Drive” (Menos El Oso)

3. Rancid, “Out Of Control” (Indestructible)

4. The Sword, “Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians” (Gods Of The Earth)

5. Future Of The Left, “adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood” (Curses)

6. Baroness, “Wanderlust” (Red Album)

7. My Morning Jacket, “Remnants” (Evil Urges)

8. Nirvana, “Very Ape” (In Utero)

9. The Fall Of Troy, “‘You Got A Death Wish, Johnny Truant?'” (Doppelganger)

10. Jimi Hendrix, “Little Wing” (Experience Hendrix: The Best Of Jimi Hendrix)

11. Mastodon, “Capillarian Crest” (Blood Mountain)

12. Muse, “Plug In Baby” (Origin Of Symmetry)

13. Radiohead, “Paranoid Android” (OK Computer)

14. Metallica, “Master Of Puppets” (Master Of Puppets)


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